Sunday, February 8, 2015

Chiang Khong in love

Chiang Khong in love

Since the opening of the 'Fourth Thai-Lao Friendship bridge', in December 2013, Chiang Khong has gained in quietude, as the heavy lorry traffic does not cross the city anymore.  The bridge has also channelled away a part of the tourist flow, as the cruise passengers sailing to Luang Prabang, do not have to spent a night in the border city anymore.

The construction business, however, seems bustling, with new hotels, restaurants, viewpoints, ... More and more signboards are labelled in chinese characters, pointing toward a new inflow of blue plated vehicles taking advantage of the easy Mekong crossing over the bridge.

My last GT-Rider trip report deals with the lovely Chiang Khong stop-over. This is the URL:

Recently, a short TV programm, from 'Destination Thailand', featuring GT-Rider friends traveling in the region, has been released. It ca be watched on YouTube : Khong in love 

The week end Mekong alms round in a new tourist enticement, no competition to Luang Prabang but a colorful venue.



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